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Flying Witch Collection

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Learn to Create this Magical Flying Witch Artwork.  This collection gives you everything you need to re-create this magical art right along side Larry.


  • 4 Complete Full Length Videos
  • 2 Versions of the Graveyard (jpegs)
  • A Haunted House
  • The Witch Character (Flying. Sitting with pumpkin. Witch standing with broom and wand. Witch with magic wand.)
  • A skull
  • Tombstones
  • Moon

Videos Cover These Topics:

  • How to Photograph it and Work with the Model and Lighting
  • How to Create a Functional Perch for the Witch to Sit on safely
  • How to Pose Your Witch
  • What Props are Perfect for Your Witch
  • Adding Movement with Fans
  • How to Modify the Witch to Create Movement
  • How to Edit in Lightroom
  • How to Add the Magic
  • How to Edit in Photoshop 
  • How to Achieve a Painterly Quality in Topaz
  • How to Match Colors in Your Elements to Make the Story Believable
  • How to Selectively Lighten and Darken Areas of Your Image and Why That Matters
  • Composition 
  • How to Add Light to Areas of Your Image in a Storytelling Way
  • How to Change Facial Features to Look more Witchy

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