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MAGICAL BUNDLE!   Magical Fairies & The Magic!

The ultimate Magical Bundle. This is year-round tools and knowledge to apply to your magical artwork. It covers all of the bases when applying magic to artwork from Christmas to Fairies and much more. A HUGE time saving investment. Start adding magic and saving time today.

Magical Fairies DOWNLOAD

In this tutorial you will learn the methods of creating timeless fine art portraiture featuring Magical Fairies. Through a masking and composite procedure, I will teach you how to create amazing fairy portraiture.
You will also receive all of the tools and components to put images together.
You will receive the following png files.
1. Enchanted Forest Digital Background
2. 5 Magical Fairy Wings (png files)
3. Mashrooms (png files)
4. Butterflies
5. Lantern
6.Tree Stump
7. Fairy Dust and Magic png Files
8. 2 Live Sessions (teaching posing)
9. How to Edit Video Tutorial
10. Masking a Fairy Tutorial



The most exciting educational download yet. The Magic and Flow Posing for Santa portraiture. This download will provide all of Larry’s magic and light layers, while providing a video of how to use and connect them in Santa and Fairy portrait art. These easy to use PNG files can be dragged and dropped right onto your own photography via photoshop. This will save you mega hours on your workflow, while providing an incredible magical quality to your images and art. 
And then the BONUS…this download will also provide a full tutorial on the flow posing of a full Santa session and Poetry for the books. With this you will be also to have the knowledge for creating successful and easy sessions, while creating images that tell a story. Imagine adding a storybook product to each of your Santa sessions. 
With these two amazing downloads, you will be ready to create your art for your Christmas season from year to year. 
For detailed instruction on the art and business of Santa Portraiture and to learn the entire professional system, check out Larry’s amazing live Santa’s Magical Summit Workshop or purchase the virtual version and learn in the comfort of your own studio.  
You will receive the following png files.
1. Motion Magic
2. Motion Magic Extra
3. Main Magic
4. Bag and Hand Magic
5. Bag to Floor Magic
6. Book and Bible Glow
7. Searching Bag Magic
8. Merry Christmas Magic
9. Light 
10. Point Glow
11. Spot Glow
12. Stars
13. Santa in Window with Magic
14. Christian Book Poetry
15. Whimsical Book Poetry
16. Mini Christmas Book Poetry
17. Book Textures
USAGE: Photographer for Client Usage allows you to create snowman images for your photography studio clients using the pieces of this collection.  You are allowed to create art in flattened form and sell it to your customers.  
Licensing usage allows you to create art with this collection in whole or in part and sell it as flattened artwork to listening companies for products and posters.
YOU MAY NOT resell this collection or any elements within as templates or educational products.