Workshop FAQ's

1. How much does the workshop cost?
Call Larry directly for pricing information 336-870-6503.

2. Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes...up to 5 payments with a month between each. We charge a 5% admin fee for the payment plan.

3. What will I learn at this workshop?
You will learn the art and business of nostalgic Americana Santa Portraiture.

4. Is this for advanced photographers only? is for all levels. All aspects of what is taught is systemized so as to make it easy to learn and implement.

5. What locations and dates are available?
June 3-5th, 2019 Hotel Zamora St. Pete. Beach, Florida

6. Are hotels included?
No. Hotel Zamora group rate $179 per night, code "AM3" call 727.456.8900. Breakfast in the ballroom included.

 7. What other expenses can I expect?
Other than the room and your meals, there are no other expenses.

8. Anything else that would help me during the session or with marketing afterwards?
Yes...we do sell backgrounds, education downloads and Santa's Magical Gift®.

9. What software do I need for the workshop?
You will need a laptop with a current version of Photoshop, Lightroom and Topaz (I use the entire suite however for the purposes of the workshop, I would ask that you have Adjust and Clarity) Please have all of these downloaded and be sure they are functioning properly so as not to slow down the workshop...there is a lot to cover in those three days.

10. What camera equipment should I bring?
Laptop, camera not needed for the workshop.

11. Do I have to purchase the backgrounds, cd's and/or Santa's Magical Gift® to make this work? are under no obligation to purchase anything, however they are there and available if you choose. They are only offered to assist you.

12. Can I actually do these sessions without the backgrounds and such?

13. Can I bring a spouse or staff member and if so what is the cost?
Yes. Call Larry directly for this option. Must have proof they work at the same studio or business.

14. Once I am trained, how long should the artwork take per image?
This depends on whether you choose to use my workflow service via ACI. Using lab...your time should be 5 min. Doing each image yourself...up to 25 min per image
15. Who attends this workshop?
Any photographer who wants to offer a nostalgic, Americana Fine Art Santa product and experience to their clients.
Any Professional Santa Claus that wants to up their game and be more informed for the photographic industry.

16. How many people do you take at the workshop?
Workshops are limited to approx 20 studios.

17. What happens if I book the workshop and then cannot attend?
If an act of God and not within 2 weeks of the workshop, we will refund 75% of your money. If within two weeks your tuition is non refundable.

18. If I cannot make a workshop that I have paid for, may I transfer my tuition to a future workshop?
Tuition's are not transferable.

19. Do I have to use the suggested hotel.
No, however please understand that once I book a hotel I am committed to a block of rooms that we "must" pay for in advance. I would like all students to not only take advantage of the low "room block rate" but also enjoy being in the same building as the workshop and classes.

20. Hours of workshop. 
First two days are 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM....last day is 9:00 PM to 3:00 PM
At 7:00 PM the evening prior to the first day of the workshop we hold a meet and greet so everyone can get to know each other. Evenings during workshop are on your own.