Creating a Family Heirloom

Santa's Magical Gift® is a new Christmas tradition that creates a time capsule of beautiful family memories. A gift that will never be thrown away.

• Captures the Handwriting and Memories of Your Family's Elders and the Child's Wishes in their own writing.  
• The Magic Box is a Portal to Santa that stirs a child's imagination and fosters belief in the magic of Christmas. 
• A Gift So Precious It Will Never Be Thrown Away.
• Records YEARS of the Child's Christmas Wishes and Communication with Santa.
• Sends the child on a treasure hunt Christmas Morning with the Clue Notes.
• Encourages Good Manners with the enclosed Thank You Notes.

The Audio Book 
The audio book tells the magical story of a child's dream on the night before Christmas. In the dream the child asks Santa for a wish...Santa says, "I am going to give you a way to give me your wishes for the rest of your life." He then gives the child a Magic Box and a Wish book.
The Wish Book and Magic Box
Prior to Christmas the child writes his or her Christmas wishes into the Wish Book. The child’s elders then each take a page and in their own handwriting, enter something they want the child to never forget. This back-to-back collection of wisdom will be powerful and heartfelt words-to-live-by. The child then places the Wish Book into the Magic Box, where it then becomes the child’s portal to communicate with Santa. In the 4"x5" wish book there are 20 years with 6 pages per year. Now the child can communicate with Santa from year to year.
The Clue and Thank You Notes
On Christmas Day the box is opened and there is a handwritten Clue Note from adorable treasure hunt ensues for the child to find their gift from Santa, this is something fun the child looks forward to year after year...of course it is something they had written in their wish book. In the child’s mind, "The Wish Book worked." At the end of Christmas day, the child fills out a Thank You Note and places it into the Magic Box...the day after Christmas, the note is gone and Santa has received the child's thank you encouraging good manners.