One On One Private Workshop

Santa’s Magical Summit is a workshop designed to teach the art and business of nostalgic Santa portrait art. Larry Hersberger offers One On One Private Workshop or small group photography workshops. Larry is available to come to your location or you are welcome to visit his studio in Florida. All levels of experience welcome, from complete beginner to seasoned professional.
To schedule your private live workshop please contact larry at 336.870.6503

Larry Hersberger, the godfather of Nostalgic Christmas Art has created an entire system for photographers that if followed, has resulted in success stories that you never dreamed possible. He has perfected the art, system and business of Santa portraiture. If you follow his "system" and implement it properly you have the chance of grossing six figures annually just in Santa photography.  Our students are seeing orders of $3000 and up when directly implementing the system that Larry teaches when they get home. 

Real Reviews from Real Photographers
“If it helps to know your students are successful, we ran just shy of $450,000 through the studios this year in Santa Biz. Thanks so much for your gift. Honestly, can't thank you enough. " Chris Smith, Ivey Photography, Midlothian, Texas  
“Yesterday's sale session went great, from a single mom who brought in her sweet little girl for a session, and who really valued the art aspect of what we create. With a $279 session fee this just hits the $4k mark! : ) I would have never initially guessed this would be a really good sale, which goes to show that the walls we create in our own heads regarding WHO will spend WHAT, are often times our greatest barriers to success.Thrilled to say after 4 viewings so far this season we have already passed the $10k sales mark, and we have 25 sessions to go!
I say this as a testament to Larry's system. It works! Stick to it, do it right, and you will reap the rewards on the other end. I'm so appreciative of the education I was able to get from Larry over the past year to really turn this into a BIG piece of what our studio offers, and will be know for moving forward. " Ted Linczac   Summerville, South Carolina​