Learning to Sell Can Be the Life or Death of Your Photography Business.

I know what keeps you up at night.  Trying to make a living in photography these days is very challenging.  Especially if you have no system in place. 

Do you want to make money in this business or not?  Seriously.  I am asking.

I have trained photographers all over the world how to create a system that sets them up for the best sales averages of their careers.  And when a studio executes my system as outlined, it has a success rate of virtually 100%.

If you don't have a system that you walk your clients through, you will leave money on the table.

In this 9 part video series Larry Hersberger will teach you how to implement a professional sales system for your photography business...whether in-home or bricks and mortar studio.


You will learn what a sales system is and how it will sell to your clients even when you are not there.

Covered in this system are such topics as Power Positions, Your Gallery, Product Specifics, Selling During Consultation, Communicating With Your Client, Overcoming Objections, Presenting Your Images, Up-selling, Your Brand and General Marketing Tips.

Also included is Larry's full price list in .psd form for you to review and customize for your own use.  This series of sales education can change your life and increase your bottom line.    

FROM Professional Photographer Ted Linczak:

How much money are you leaving on the table by NOT selling all you can?

That was a question that Larry asked that literally made me sick to my stomach when I really thought about it. The ramifications are staggering! Could it be that we were missing out on a few thousand dollars from each client because our system wasn’t as good as it could be?? At the end of the year, that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars! What an eye opener!

Personally, we have been on a journey whereas 6-7 years ago we were selling digital files for nothing. We slowly began making the transition to learning how to sell in person, and going from $500-750 sales to $2000-3000 sales averages in the past several years. This current summer portrait season has seen our average climb to $3940.

Just this past week we had our largest single portrait sales session total of $7640, with a $4300 sale that morning, and a $3500 the next day. That is the power of selling from an ART perspective!

I give much kudos to the new perspectives I’ve gained from Larry’s class. It’s definitely making a positive impact on our sales approach. 

My apologies for the long winded post, but I think you get the idea. Larry’s course is a great investment for those serious about building a sustainable and profitable portrait business!

FROM BRIAN WILSON  First Sale using Larry's Sales System:

One 30”x24” metal unframed and 12 8x12 prints in 11x14 slip in mats in a reveal box + tax equals: $3300.

That's 6 times what the cost of this download is!  From the very first session!

Are you ready to make your transformation?