Create and Sell Magical Snowman Family Portraits Year Round

I know what keeps you up at night.

Are you finding that everyone is a photographer and it is harder and harder every year to make a living in this profession that you love?

I faced the same challenges when I relocated to my studio.  It was a new market and I needed to make a name for myself fast or I wouldn't survive.

So I reinvented my brand and became known very quickly for creating magical images.  First I became known for my nostalgic Santa artwork.  It now graces products in many national chains like Hobby Lobby. 

Then I was searching for something that was the 'next' step for clients who had already invested with me for their Santa session.

So I created Thomas, the Magical Snowman.  This gave existing clients a completely new look and fit in perfectly with today's modern home decor colors and was an instant runaway success with my clients in Thomasville, North Carolina.

I want to help you learn how to create this magical art and to develop a following in your own area.  So I recorded a full length photoshop tutorial that teaches the entire process step by step.  And I included all the elements you need, so you just need to add your clients that you photograph in studio.  

This means you can create snow filled, gorgeous, whimsical family portraits even if your studio never sees a single snowflake all year round!

The Magical Snowman Collection includes all the digital elements, the snowman, the snow overlays, everything down to the carrot nose and coal buttons!  All you need to do is photograph your clients on a gray or green screen background and then follow the step by step tutorials to create this magical art.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER DOWNLOAD NOW 

Watch this Video to See All the Digital Resources that Come in This Complete Collection.

The only way to make real money in the portrait photography industry right now is to create something so magical and so outside of the ordinary that it is elevated to art.

When you create ART instead of PHOTOS, then you are able to charge any price you want for it and clients will line up for it.

I apply this thinking to all of my artwork.

Creating incredible breathtaking art is step one, then the second step is to have a system in place to sell it.

So stop waiting for something to change in your business, be proactive and invest in this complete collection.  Learning it is simple and fun and you will amaze yourself at the portraits you can create.

You will make your investment back, the very first time you use it.  

Order NOW and get one additional breathtaking snow background scene to increase the variety that you can create.