About the Fine Art Christmas Experience

We are storytellers.

We create breathtaking artwork that awakens the wonder of a child within each viewer. Each piece tells a magical story. The final artwork is created from images captured during private experiencial and theatrical events featuring your child. We specialize in bespoke vintage Santa/Christmas experiences, however we touch many other magical genres. The fully stylized art, storybooks and exerpiences are incredibly detailed, archival and create to last as an heirloom for each client.  

The beginning of our story.

When I was a child the world was magical, at least in my mind. Everything was wondrous, joyous, colorful and fascinating. I was an inquisitive child who loved Christmas, Santa Claus and all the magical moments of holiday seasons. Every year I would fall asleep on the stairs while waiting for Santa to come down our chimney. I just had to meet him, as I had so many questions. First of all, how did he get down our little chimney? How did he go around the world in one night? What makes his Reindeer fly? How does he fit all the toys into his toy bag? The magic of my childhood inspired me to create these special photographs of children today. Bringing them to life for each family bring joy to both Ela and I.

Extraordinary Santa experience. 

We call method, theatrical portraiture, for it is more than an experience, it is like a play with us directing your children and Santa. We create an enviroment of wonder and joy so your child can visit The Santa, have pure fun without fear. Through unique communicative methods we bring the wonder of a child out to the play. We keep the play moving so as not to lose a child's attention and withing a short time they actually forget there are any adults in the room...accept Santa of course. We carfully style the set, costumes, magical props and lighting. We hire only the best professional real bearded Santa. We take care of all details prior to your arrival as we know the most importrant actor in the play is "your child". The resulting magical Santa art is breathtaking each and every time. 



How do we work with children.

We start by sending a special invitation to your Child proir to them meeting Santa. It is their exclusive invitation to have milk and cookies with Santa. Your little actors come ready and prepared will full joy in their hearts for this most magical of moments. The day they met the real Santa Claus. 

We style all of the clothing in advance. Once each child arrives the children are greeted by Little Larry, who tells them a magical story about milk and cookies. All children are in awe and in taken to a magical place in their minds. They are now ready to meet Santa, have magical milk and cookies, learn about magical paint, actually see inside Santa's bag, find their names in The Nice Book, learn how to go around the world in one night and much more. Santa will even read to them from the Bible the true meaning of Christmas. Yes you get to witness the session and you will feel your inner child come to life. You will laugh out loud and you will feel a tear.

What is the best age to create a story.

Each of use has our own inner child. There is a story to be told with Santa for every age group. We are happy to say we have created storybooks and artwork for children as early as 2 weeks old all the way to adults and families up to 80 years old. The love and joy of Santa lives in us all.


When are these magical story sessions available?

In 2020 we will have dates in both Florida and North Carolina. These sessions are very detailed and require time and knowledge. We only book a few sessions each date so book your spot early so as not to miss this extraordinary experience. Remember, children do not need a reason to see Santa...it is the adults who need to rationalize seeing Santa in months other than December..."wink". Just know your child will have the ultimate experience with Santa and if they are a perfect age and or size, this is the time to do the session and artwork. You are commissioning world class artists to create artwork for generations. Keep all of this in perspective when making your booking decision.



Address: 16308 Rock Lake Dr. Odessa FL. 33556

July 18 and 19, 2020 

CHRISTMAS IN JULY. Great artwork takes time to produce. This time of year is a great option as you to do all of your Christmas shopping early and miss all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. Santa loves to share his joy by stopping in on each state that celebrates Christmas in July. And he knows Florida is one of them. Santa also knows that the true meaning of Christmas is for all seasons. 

August 15 and 16, 2020

AUGUST SANTA DAYS Santa comes to Tampa from the North Pole for a summer vacation. Santa is always excited to visit with some of the local children while traveling around the world. While here, he will also make special wooden toys made from magical drift wood only found on the shores of Florida. How lucky will your child be to have milk and cookies with Santa while he visits Florida.

Oct 10 and 11, 2020 

SANTA IS COMING We are now officially getting close to Christmas and Santa needs to quickly swing through Florida to check on all of the good girls and boys. Who is in his nice book? Do the elves have enough Florida driftwood for all of there nautical toys. Book now as it is great to be early and allow us time to get all of your artwork and book writing complete for your art and magical children's storybooks. 

November 7and 8, 2020 

YOU BETTER NOT POUT. Santa has extended his stay, as there are so many nice girls and boys this year he needs extra Florida driftwood. He also knows this is the only state where his reindeer can feed on magical grasses which help them fly...a must for next month. 

November 21 and 22, 2020 

ONE LAST VISIT. Santa has a bit of time left before he must get back to the North Pole. He has time to visit just a few more children. He must get a bit more magical Florida marsh grass back to the elves.   


Address: 1000 Club Rd, Greensboro, NC 27407

September 12 and 13, 2020 

FINE ART SANTA SESSIONS with Larry Hersberger. Only two weekends available in NC in 2020, book your spot today and do not miss out. You have come to know the artistry and nostalgia of Larry Hersberger. Booking well in advance gives him time to create the artwork and writing for your stunning nostalgic heirloom art. We are excited, once again, to have the amazing Ela Bednarek. 

Oct 24 and 25, 2020 

FINE ART SANTA SESSIONS This is our final NC Fine Art Santa session opportunity in North Carolina for 2020. Book your session today.

Why commission Art of Magic and Light with Ela and Larry Hersberger?

Commissioning us for a private Fine Art Santa Session is choosing to have your nostalgic Santa Christmas art be created by the most famous Christmas artist in the world. Larry Hersberger has been creating and teaching Christmas artwork for decades. He has created a new Christmas art genre. He has now joined his talents with the extraordinary creativity of Ela Bednarek. Together they are an art power couple. As every art piece that we create requires a tremendous amount of detail and time, booking well in advance of Christmas is imperative. "We are artists, designers, playwrights and authors. We do not offer a "mall Santa experience". We set up an extraordinary set and provide an magical live experience/play with your child and Santa. This is done with the purpose of capturing the "wonder of a child" and bringing this "wonder" into breathtaking pieces of artwork. Due to the extravagance of the set, we require your product order in advance. This artwork is then written into a personalized children's storybook set to poetry. We have masterfully created luxurious wall art to bespoke children's story books, for clients in over 30 states and 5 countries around the world. 

Please contact us well prior to the Christmas season if you would like to schedule your private Christmas experience for your child. As in other years, these dates are sure to sell out.


CALL US TODAY...336-870-6503

Please contact us, we would love to hear from you and bring out your inner child. Our clients cherish the books and wall art that we create for them. Your children are only this age once. We will create priceless heirlooms and nostalgic art pieces that your family will treasure forever. Each piece is professionally framed and created using archival techniques. Details, service and professionalism are important fundamentals to Ela and Larry. 

"This is an experience that I wish I could give EVERY child and family at least once in their life!!! Our family will have this artwork and book that we will cherish forever and that Owen can show his grandchildren one day for them to see his visit to Santa's Workshop!" Nikki Whitman Guilliams