About the Artist


Internationally acclaimed and Licensed Artist, Storyteller, Writer, Designer and Master Photographer Larry Hersberger lives and creates in Thomasville, NC. His intellectual base and accepting view of people and cultures allows for an ease of global client communication.

His knowledge, raw creative talent, unique vision, and style has led to a brand of art previously unknown in the art world. His art has been selected for the prestigious PPA IPC Loan Collection Book. Mr. Hersberger has earned his degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers Association of America and has been featured in their magazine as an honored cover artist.

With over 150 pieces of artwork now licensed, his brand Larry Hersberger, Art of Magic and Light® is established and has grown both nationally and internationally. He was born in Canada with the gift of being an artist. In his lifetime, Lawrence has created for clients in 51 countries and has lectured in 5 countries. In 2006 he moved to the USA to continue this art career. 

He has written and created the book Santa’s Magical Gift® for the global marketplace and has been commissioned to write and create numerous unique children’s storybooks worldwide. He is also the sole illustrator for his writings.

Mr. Hersberger is known as an innovator and educator in the global photographic art community and is followed by thousands worldwide. He has lectured on the topic of art and photography for professional organizations around the world. He has educated thousands of artists via his own private workshops, his online platform, and professional organizations. This has allowed Mr. Hersberger to reach an astounding global audience. He has been a panel adviser with SURTEX in NYC.

Mr. Hersberger is a true renaissance artist. His art skills are vast and are a collection of skills ranging from painting, sculpting, photography, graphic design, digital art, set design, poetry, and writing. This deep skillset combined with an unmistakable balance of creative and analytical thought defines his artwork. The result is soulful, breathtaking and unique. His theatrical and storytelling technique coupled with his wide skill set expands the boundaries of artistic creation.

While Mr. Hersberger is an artist through and through, he also loves the art of business and the business of producing art for a global audience. He has owned and operated his own business for over 35 years. Over his lifetime he has created for clients in over 50 countries. People have traveled for Mr. Hersberger's creative talents from numerous states and countries. Ultimately Lawrence is a creator and storyteller. There is nothing he enjoys more and creating a masterpiece from nothing but thought, knowledge, information, intellect, and creativity.

Touching a global audience with a joyous message through art has always been important to Lawrence.

LAWRENCE HERSBERGER  founder / artist