Santa Magical Gift

Christmas is magical.  Especailly so if you have small children or grandchildren in your life.

Do you yearn for a simpler time, when your kids and grandkids weren't distracted by cell phones and tablets?  

Go to any family gathering and after dinner chances are very big that your famiy members are buried in their devices.  

Is there anything cuter than a child's handwritten Christmas List?

Is there anything sweeter than a handwriten message from key members of your family preserved forever in a wish book?

What happens to those lists?  What if you never got a chance to have your mom write advice for your child and then you lost her unexpectedly?

How pricelss would that be, especially written in her own handwriting?

Santa's Magical Gift is THE perfect way to record forever, each stage of your child's life. The wish book becomes a time capsule, capturing the most magical years of your child's life in a keepsake you will forever cherish.  



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