The Why and How of my Magical Snowman Fine Art Series.

Now you can learn how to create art like this from your home.  The Magical Snowman Collection includes all the digital elements, the snowman, the snow overlays, everything down to the carrot nose and coal buttons!  All you need to do is photograph your clients on a gray or green screen background and then follow the step by step tutorials to create this magical art.  CLICK ADD TO CART above and get started today!  

Many people have asked me where I get my inspiration from as I create my many characters within my artwork. My Magical Snowman character is one great example. Since my first decision to add a snowman to my collection and offer it both to my portrait clients and my licensing clients, it has been a wonderful success. I call him Thomas the Snowman. He has not only sold well when added to my portraits but has been used on products nationally in Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Wegmans and countless other stores worldwide.

So where did I get this idea for such a character?  This is the Why of Thomas the Snowman. I mean really…why a snowman? To me the reasoning was clear…I am a storyteller and I am also a business person. My choice of characters tends to lean towards whimsical characters who are part of our country’s folklore. They are part of the fabric of stories and in the case of snowmen, they are made by children every year and will continue to be made from year to year. The snowman in general is already this magical character in every child’s heart and imagination. I will even venture a guess that you as you are reading this can bring up a memory of a snowman that you yourself built. So there is already a “love” for “the snowman”. The inner child side of me (Little Larry) looks at this as romantic and pure fun. The business side of me (Logical Larry) looks at this as a character who does not need marketing for people to love him…he already is….this makes the selling of the end artwork that much easier. I find this also holds true with nostalgic Santa artwork…another new look which skyrocketed once I brought out the Magical Santa artwork.

Now comes the “How”. How do you create a character, (in this case my snowman) and follow one of my “golden creation rules”…When creating anything magical it MUST look as though it could actually be happening. Not easy to create a snowman in Photoshop, add people and then create a story that looks like it could be really happening…so what had to change? The Snowman had to change. He had to be real. But I live in a part of North Carolina that rarely gets more than a skiff of snow per year. For 10 years I waited for a big and fluffy snowfall only to experience many false alarm forecasts….sigh. Each time I would be ready with all of the vintage accessories…each time would be a dud. Until one day when it happened. I woke in the dark of the early morning only to find that the forecast had come true…10 inches of beautiful snow had fallen with no wind. It was just below freezing so the snow was even a little sticky…perfect for building snowmen. But how could I get the perfect surroundings for the Snowman in my art? I knew how long it was going to take to get my snow family built. I also knew the snow would be melted off the trees quickly as the sun came up….so I got up and got at it.

As a morning person these things were not a chore for me…I am up anyway. But this morning I was not only excited but prepared. So in the darkness and under the light of the glow of the city and yard lights, I took my tripod and camera and walked the entire 30 acre property and photographed every angle of snow covered scenery. As the morning light slowly showed itself, myself and one of the staff members began to build snow-people. They were life size. We built four in total and dressed them. I photographed them from every angle. It sounds almost like a commercial shoot…and it was in some respects as I still use these stunning snowmen and snow scenes for many pieces of art and portraits.

Once I had all of this captured and secured in my files, I was now able to bring together the pieces to create this beautiful art. I was also then able to photograph people and bring them into the artwork and there was realism to the piece…but was there…how could the snowman be pulling the children on a sled. It was because I was manipulating a “real” snowman, thus the image and art tricked the human eye to seeing something that sincerely looked real…because it was.

I hope you enjoy the Magical Snowman Series…it is one of my personal favorites and my clients love it. Download it and get creative. When you are creating from such a realistic art format the value of what you sell goes up substantially. The general public are demanding more and it is up to us as artists and photographers to give them more. I am all in…are you? I wish each and every one of you great success.  

This video is actual student work from photographers who purchased the collection.  Such creativity.


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