The 3 Most Important Elements of Magical Photography

To fully understand why my work has been so accepted by my personal clients and licensing clients, one must understand what it means to make a magical image.

1. Subject matter. 

Keep it nostalgic and within folk lore, Americana, legend and such. This means you do not have to market something is a new and personal interpretation of something that is already in the nation's or the world's psyche.

2. Be a storyteller. 

Think about your image as a story...can your client read your image and story? Does it bring their own inner child to the surface?

3. Understand "magical image making".

Magic is not just adding sparkles to pictures. That does not make any image magic...nor do I consider sparkles "the magic". It may be what I call it during a session, but the end image must be laid out, composed, lit and crafted in a way that tells a story. Then and only then can "anything" be added...and it may be a ray of light and not complete the story. If the sum total of all you have done looks like it may actually be happening then a "magic moment" is created. 
Touch peoples inner child, heart, mind and soul through the overall "creation" of a magical moment. The biggest mistake that I have seen since starting my magical journey is the misconception that "magic" equals "lots of sparkles" put on an image. Most of the time, if not done properly or as part of a story, they may take a good image and make it tacky or not sell-able. In this new group, I will be honest and candid with my thoughts and knowledge...I will not sugar coat for I want you to understand, learn and succeed. 
As with anything, take the time to learn and make an investment in knowledge. Learn the fundamentals of magical photography and then take your work and products to the next level for your clients.
My Santa's Magical Summit Workshop is a perfect example of such a learning opportunity. Do not miss out as there are limited spots in every workshop so I can provide the best leaning environment for everyone. 
Follow this link for more information on upcoming workshops.

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