What path should you take at your studio? Santa's Magical Summit 2019 has the answer.

The best time to start any kind of transformative program is right now.

Santa's Magical Summit is a complete system that teaches you the art and more importantly the business of creating nostalgic Christmas art for your clients.

At your studio you can choose 1 of 2 paths for Christmas photography in 2019.  Much like you choose your own adventure book that we all loved as children.  

PATH 1: 

  • You Market Santa Pics. 
  • You Shoot Short Sessions as Many As You Can Cram into your Schedule
  • You Fill your Entire November and December. 
  • You sacrifice time with your loved ones and family during the holidays in the hopes that your customers will buy prints. 
  • Most of them leave with small gift prints, nothing bigger than an 8x10. 
  • They came for the experience.
  • Kind of like what you did in 2018, yet expecting the results to be better.


  • Creating Nostalgic Santa Themed Artwork. 
  • You Control the Entire Process. 
  • You Photograph Longer Sessions that Allow for the Most Creativity.
  • You Can Easily Convince your Clients to Come in Virtually ANY Month of the Year Using the Exact Words Larry Teaches You to Say.
  • You set the stage for a REAL investment from them that equals the amount of time,effort and attention you plan to give your clients. 
  • The Products you Produce from the Session are Extremely High End and On-Brand.  
  • YOU know Before you Even Book the Session that it Will be Worth it. 
  • They came for the art.

Which path do you want to take?

Which one will help you reach your business goals this year?

Which one will create a viable business that won't force you to sacrifice family time?

Which one is the most lucrative? 

Which one will reduce the burnout?

The easiest and fastest way to learn this complete system is to either attend a LIVE workshop with Larry, or to order the Virtual Workshop and learn from the comfort of home WITHOUT spending money on travel and lodging.  

Both options will completely teach you the system.  Our students are seeing orders of $3000 and up when directly implementing the system that Larry teaches when they get home. Larry himself averaged over $5400 per Santa session in his 2018 season.

Talk about a return on your investment.  

You will be as successful as you truly want to be.  It is not out of the ordinary to see 6 figures in the first year if you work hard and do everything Larry tells you to do.

You control how high your bank account will be.  

But it takes the first step.  

CLICK HERE TO SEE LARRY LIVE.  It's the Only Chance for 2019.  Immediately Following SYNC in the same location.

March 6-8th in Destin, Florida.  A beautiful place to relax and vacation and be inspired to change your life.  


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