Santa's Magical Summit: The Real Deal

Are you ready to invest in your future?  Are you ready to be given the map to the success of your studio?  Are you ready to join other serious studio owners who cheer on each others successes?


The fastest way to become successful in any venture is to have a mentor or follow in the footsteps of those who have achieved the success you are dreaming to achieve.

With a fully executable plan and your willingness to see it through you can create the business of your dreams. 

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by it all and to know you have to make sweeping changes to your studio or you will not be profitable, or even worse, have to close your doors.

That is where Santa's Magical Summit comes in.  After this intensive 3 day workshop you will leave with a complete blueprint on how to run a successful Christmas Art business that isn't limited to only November and December.  

All you need to do is open your mind, join our other students, and then complete the steps outlined with the support of the alumni Facebook group.

It truly is a step by step system that you can implement in any market and the system of branding, merchandising and marketing can be applied to all of your other year-round photography.

So instead of slashing prices and working harder and harder for less and less, draw a line in the sand today and invest in your future.

Larry's workshops are always at the most beautiful locations, so on your down time you can unwind with an ocean backdrop.  

He makes them fun and easy to absorb.

The information is presented in such a digestible and concise way that ANY studio owner and or staff member can benefit from.

Every step of creating the Photoshop magic is explained and you have an opportunity to work a full day on the images so you can return home ready to rock and roll.

This is truly the most comprehensive plan with a proven business strategy that WILL make you money if you implement every step as he teaches.

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