Questions to Ask Yourself to Make a Life (Not Just a Living) in Photography

  1. “You never know what you’ll get...till you ask.”
  2. “Never be afraid to ask for the sale...if the answer is “no”, remember...nothing has changed for you did not have what you asked for prior to asking anyway.  If the answer is “yes” it could change your world and lifestyle.
  3. “You are what you are, because you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing.”
  4. “Be kind in everything you do...your ripple in life makes a difference.”
  5. “To live a joyous life is a choice!”
  6. Dress for success. Be consistent with your entire brand so what you show to your clients leaves them understanding you, your product and your brand.
  7. As a studio, know that your Brand is more than just your artwork.
  8. “When communicating with others, be clear and accurate with your thoughts. People move forward with clarity and become stagnant with the message is gray.”
  9. “Give back to your will come back tenfold.”
  10. Learn the fundamentals of selling. EDUCATION - PROMOTION - CLOSE.
  11. Know that when someone calls your studio, they are not calling you to buy shoes.
  12. Understand what “Acknowledge and Ignore” means. Use this method to always be respectful in a conversation with a client while keeping the conversation about your system and business.
  13. Understand the principle of Three No’s. Learn the why on the first “no”. Find out what you are missing on the second “no”...back of politely on the third no.
  14. Always close something! If you do not close a sale, set up a time to call them back.
  15. Sell with dignity and respect for your clients needs. Service and consult your client properly and they will love what they purchased from you. They will then want to come back
  16. Understand what a “Power Position” is within your studio.
  17. Show exactly what you want to sell…nothing more. Be specific.
  18. Know that any business cannot reach its potential without having a marketing and sales system.
  19. Understand that marketing and sales are two different things that work in unison with each other.
  20. Marketing gets people curious, interested and in the door and sales exchanges products money.
  21. Understand that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful and most cost effective.
  22. Be sure your clients get more than they expect. When you accomplish this your clients will become your passionate sales force.
  23. Ask yourself this question, “do you have a sales system that is repeatable in your studio?” If the answer is yes, is it selling exactly what you want when you are not present.
  24. “Do your clients feel like they are being sold or are they feeling happy that they are being service properly and excited about getting your art into their home?”
  25. Do you view your client as a dollar sign or as people you are creating for and servicing...respect?
  26. Be thankful for everything you a thankful life.
  27. Do you want to sell photography or art or both? Which do you feel has a higher value.
  28. Do you know and understand the fundamentals of art and photography. Composition, light (ex short light, broad light, ratios), tonal harmony, light harmony (yes light and light harmony are two different things), color harmony, cropping, posing, communication and expressions, negative space.
  29. Do you have and use professional equipment? Do you have backups just in case of an equipment failure during a session?
  30. Do you take time to create and design for you?
  31. Do you want to be a high, mid or low volume you know how to set up the proper system for each?
  32. Do you understand that your art is not necessarily your “product”?
  33. Do you know the profit margin of your products?
  34. Do you understand your costs and how to mark up your products so you can continue to live the life of a photographer and artist?

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