Larry's Recommended Lighting System from Sweet Light Systems


Sweetlight Systems

Talk to John Snow (tell him Larry sent you).

SIBH41- Four Light Hybrid System Includes:

1-HKRT46- 4x6 Hybrid Kit $1456.00

1 -HKRT23- 2X3 Hybrid Kit $1156.00 (change to 20”x20” and if possible 12”x12”)

2 -HKST10- 10x36 Hybrid Kit $956.00 x2 = $1912

1 -RK46S- 4x6 Reflector Kit Super Silver $299.00

1 -RH46M 4x6 Reflector Kit Metallic $299.00

B&H Photo

Photogenic 1250DRC 500W/s PowerLight Monolight (UV)

I recommend you purchase four of these lights…you will never need to purchase lights again.

sweet light systems lighting for photographers

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